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Ryan And Daisy: ThomasNATION Review (by JFtheLOLZOR and Team)

This time around, its me, Jack Frefigs here for the Ryan and Daisy review.

Don't you just love Davey Moore? He's one of the best writers on the show, yet he still has his falls. This episode is not one of them. 

Ryan and Daisy is-RYAN AND DAISY?! REALLY?! WHAT IS THAT STINKIN' NAME?! This is one of Davey's falls, he can never come up with original names...although Love Me Tender has some validity. 

But, on the episode: Ryan and Daisy is honestly one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen on the show. 

The episode essentially stars Daisy and Ryan, the latter not voiced by his old and original actor Eddie Redmayne...I was pretty upset about it myself. The pair are being assigned new tasks: Ryan has to deliver stone from the quarry with Toby, and Daisy has to deliver the mail and work later into the evening. But lazy old Daisy says her new assignments are "bad for her swerves" so she trusts [forces, actually] Ryan to do them. This causes Ryan to get extremely o…

Blown Away: ThomasNATION Review (by ThomasFan3000 and Team)

A brand new day. A brand new episode. And here is its ThomasNATION review. This review is authored by @ThomasFan3000 - Jainil Devani.

So, let's drive straight into it:

The episode begins in a simple, yet straight-to-the-point and brilliant way. I really don't mind that they used Thomas. I didn't even feel I should point that out, but some people just get so irritated, and I don't have a piece of idea why. So, a storm is approaching Sodor. As far as I recall, weather disturbances (other than winter ones) were used very rarely. And so, this episode had the potential to be original, and it was. 

We skip to Arlesburgh. That little town is the dream home of many Thomas Fans, and trust me, there's nothing wrong with that. The beautiful town is showcased wonderfully in this episodes. Even though, there are just a few shots of it, it still looks outstanding. Further down the rails, we meet the only rival to Luke and his driver's friendship bond: Skiff and his captain, Joe…

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them: ThomasNATION Review - Spoiler Free

Reviewed by Jainil Devani (ThomasFan3000):

Completely Spoiler Free.

I know we're ThomasNATION, but here's what I think of the new Wizarding Word film...

I'm a full on Thomas fan. But 26 episodes and one special a year is not enough. So, I also watch Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Mom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, VEEP, and more. One of them is: Harry Potter. I never saw the films - I never saw Harry Potter movies. I read the books. And the books were awesome. Trust me, there's a lot you're missing if you've not read the books. But recently, J K Rowling decided to skip the book and make a movie with a screenplay written by her. I went on first day first show (duh) and here's what I thought...

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them proves to be delivered with such amazingness that it is equal in quality with the last Harry Potter story. From the beginning I tell you, I have only good things to say about this film - because its a masterpiece.

I certainly had my doubts. Co…

Pouty James: ThomasNATION Review (by Team)

Welcome to ThomasNATION! Its still time before we launch officially (that is January 2017. Check this space for more details.) but here's the team's review on the new Season 20 episode, 'Pouty James.'

Watch 'Pouty James'

Jainil Devani (ThomasFan3000)'s Review:

Andrew Brenner, with his explosive and welcome introduction in 2013, won my heart with his marvellous stories. And still, I love his and his current co-writers’ stories, possibly even more than  Rev W Awdry.
Here we are with his ‘Pouty James.’ Truly, when Brenner said that James was one of his favourites, he meant it. Because he knows exactly how to handle him. The episode starts with flair and perfection, straight to the point. It was really wise of Brenner to add in what he possibly introduced in The Adventure Begins, last year: ‘Here’s James.’ It really carries the engine’s pride with it, and it shows.

From here itself, with his behaviour and dialogues, James’ ‘showing-off’ attitude is seen. And it is …