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Three Steam Engines Gruff: ThomasNATION Review (by MrOliver1997 and Team)

Hi, there! This is MrOliver1997! This is my first review on ThomasNATION! You'll see me more soon! So, today, I'm here to review: "Three Steam Engines Gruff..." Three Steam Engines Gruff is a really… Interesting... story. For those who need a reminder of the plot basically Thomas, Percy and Toby believe there is a Troll living under the watermill after seeing one of farmer McColl’s fences had been broken away and hearing a muffled noise; After getting each other worked up over the noise they all cross over the Watermill at which point they discover the noise is actually that of a cow that had escaped out from the Field with the broken fence. Many people claim that this story feels straight out of season 13-16 but I’d have to disagree. While it does not live up to a lot of the quality of Stories from the Brenner-era it isn’t "claw-your-eyes-out" frustrating. Instead, it just feels like it could be something more. For example what if this story had been set at H…

Cautious Connor: ThomasNATION Review (by SunilFan48 and Team)

Hello there everyone, time for another one of my reviews. This time it is Cautious Connor! Another one of Andrew Brenner’s Season 20 masterpieces! 

This episode gives Connor something that his character has needed all along: actual character! Sure he is fast, kind and caring, but in the Thomas universe, that literally equates to the personality of a stick.

But here we see another side of Connor, his worrisome side. And it makes sense too. As Connor has never been seen to have an accident before. Therefore going fast and accidentally breaking his coupling rod, made him worry that it will happen again, even though his speed had nothing to do with it. 

Thomas tries to help him, but nothing seems to snap Connor out of it. So Thomas enlists the help of Stephen. Which is where we get possibly the single greatest speech in the history of the franchise! Stephen seems to know just what to say to pump Connor up and get him moving again! 

Stephen definitely steals the show here in this episode. He i…

The Missing Breakdown Train: ThomasNATION Review (by ilovetrains323 and Team)

Hey Guys, its me, Nathan, here to review "The Missing Breakdown Train!"
The Missing Breakdown Train was probably the most hyped I’ve been for a Thomas episode in a while. Finally seeing why became of The Breakdown train after Rocky started taking over sound like one of the greatest episodes ever. So, how does it fair up? Quite well actually. I very much enjoyed this episode. While, like most episodes it does have its flaws. it was over all quite good.

The Episode starts of with an overlook of Knapford yard and off in one corner of the yard are Judy and Jerome, The breakdown train. Which brings me to my biggest issue. Its played off as if they have been sitting in the yard this whole time, waiting for a job that never comes... Are we really suppose to believe that they have been sitting there... In that siding for the last 71 years when they clearly haven’t. I mean we’ve seen that siding numerous times and they clearly not there. Another thing is if they were there the whole ti…

Henry Spots Trouble... In Australia!

Thomas & Friends' major Australian broadcast network, ABC (Kids) was filed with a complaint against the Season 19 episode, "Henry Spots Trouble." 

The complaint was filed back on 28th December 2015, and resolved two months later. 

The complaint filed was as follows:

Three viewers complained that a character in an episode of the children’s program broadcast on ABC2 inappropriately referred to chickenpox as a mild disease that is nothing to worry about.  The viewers also expressed concern that the episode conveyed an anti-vaccination message.

The complaint is equally wrong and right. While the episode does say "Chicken pox is nothing to be scared of... Most people get it when they're young and get better very quickly." This was of course entirely meant to rid children the fear of the disease, and to lower its seemingly dangerous nature. But, it also may be inferred that it implies chicken pox to be always and quickly curable, and very mild. This is only true …

One Snowplough At A Time: ThomasNATION Fan-Fic [Part 2]

"One Snowplough At A Time" (Part 2/2)
Written & Edited by Jainil Devani (ThomasFan3000)
Written by Jack L Frefigs (JFtheLOLZOR) Artwork by Adam Oxlade-Lennon (TheEngineDepot)

⬤ ⬤ ⬤

Bill and Ben had lost one snowplough, and were arguing. Poor old Ashima who just wanted to help, went on a goose chase to find another one. She found James' but got derailed. Now, Ashima was stuck at the Steamworks, and James needed his snowplough back. With James taking his snowplough once again, Bill and Ben were back to square one, with just one snowplough for the two of them. But, when the twins came to see Ashima at the Steamworks, the both had their snowploughs on.
"...Wait, where did you get that snowplough? You never got James'?" Ashima said, as she noticed that both the twins had snowploughs on.
"Well, we found the lost one." said Ben.
"Oh! So, you sent me on this goose chase for nothing?" said Ashima.
"We said we're sorry." said …

One Snowplough At A Time: ThomasNATION Fan-Fic [Part 1]

"One Snowplough At A Time" (Part 1/2)
Written by Jack L Frefigs (JFtheLOLZOR) Edited by Jainil Devani (ThomasFan3000)
Artwork by Adam Oxlade-Lennon (TheEngineDepot)

⬤ ⬤ ⬤
It was a cold winter morning on the Island of Sodor. Snow was everywhere, and a storm was about to come that night. The engines were tucked in their cozy sheds. But, not at the China Clay Pits. The Clay Pits were as busy as ever, with a ship coming at the docks the next day, and a huge delivery to be made.
"I think it might start snowing, again, soon. We might need to fit our snowploughs on," said Timothy.

Marion, who was working hard, replied, "Oh! I love the snow! So white, so fun, so... so... crumbly!"

Bill interrupted, "I bet she's saying that because she wants to dig up the skeleton of a woolly mammoth!" 

"Is that true, Marion?" asked Ben. "Of course! In fact, who knows what I might dig up!" replied Marion.

The twins knew what this meant. Marion, now went ahe…