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Mike's Whistle: ThomasNATION Review (by Andy and Team)

Andy, Wellsworth1888 takes the pen as he writes his first ThomasNATION review for the Small Railway RWS adapted episode, "Mike's Whistle."

Hey all! Andy here. This is my first review for ThomasNATION. Today I’ll be reviewing the season 20 episode, Mike’s Whistle, adapted by Andrew Brenner and originally written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This episode is my favourite of two Small Railway Engines adapted episodes. 

The episode starts out introducing Bert and Rex. The narrator then introduces Mike. 
Apparently, this is the second (in order) for the Small Engine Episodes, the previous being "Tit for Tat" (the first) and the next being "Useful Railway" (the third and last.)Thomas then puffs into view, laughing... This, in my opinion was totally out of place. Oliver could have easily replaced Thomas. While some agree it doesn't feel forced in "Tit for Tat", it does here.

Thomas proceeds to tell the engines that Duck’s whistle is making funny noises and…

SiF Announces New Producer on Thomas: Micaela Winter

Sodor Island Fansite (SiF) recently confirmed that Thomas & Friends will be changing producers, for Season 21, "Journey Beyond Sodor" and after that. 

The current producer, Ian McCue has been promoted and will now work as Senior Producer for all HiT shows, like Bob The Builder and Fireman Sam. Ian McCue will leave his Producer post, and he will be replaced by Micaela Winter.

Micaela Winter - who was previously the Production Manager for the series (since 2014) - will take on the duty as Producer from Season 21 and "Journey Beyond Sodor". 

SiF, further says:

"We hope you’ll all welcome Micaela with open arms as the new Producer, she’s an absolute gem of a human being, a great friend and supporter of SiF and someone we always enjoy meeting at Team Thomas days.  She’s been part of the winning team for many years, and she’s just going to make things better again."

Winter further confirmed that Andrew Brenner (the head-writer from Season 17 - 20) will continue …

Tit For Tat: ThomasNATION Review (by Dan and Team)

Its been so long, since we've posted. But, here's me, Dan for the review of one of the most greatest episodes, Tit for Tat. The story was originally written by Rev W Awdry, for the Railway Series book, "Small Railway Engines." It was announced recently that it would be adopted for the TV Series, as an episode in Season 20.

The episode, "Tit for Tat", adapted/written for television by Andrew Brenner, originally written by Rev W Awdry. The review:

This is by far my favourite of the two adaptations ("Tit for Tat" and "Mike's Whistle" premiered together on Canadian Television - both original adaptations) In case you are not familiar with the story, here’s synopsis: 

Two visitors (the Reverend Awdry and Reverend Teddy Boston) come to the Island of Sodor and spend the day on Thomas’s branch, he gets jealous that they take lots of pictures of Toby, but not any of him. They also call him, "a usual engine," which offends him. 

At the en…

Book Covers & Characters Revealed For 2017 Special: "Journey Beyond Sodor"

When Thomas Fans opened Twitter today, they saw something they'd been waiting for a long time: Some thing from the 2017 Thomas & Friends 70-minute special, "Journey Beyond Sodor." 

As we know, every Thomas & Friends special has GoldenBook Tie-ins. The same is the case with Journey Beyond Sodor. So, today, the covers for those Golden-Books were unveiled. Two of the book-covers were revealed. One being a two-book set, while the other a single book. The two covers, one simply titled "Journey Beyond Sodor"; and the other, "Thomas At The Steelworks" and "Friends To The Rescue" - 2 pack:

The two book covers exhibit a host of characters, five in total. But we know very less about them, yet. Assumptions about their names have been made, as follows (some names were also previously seen in "Adventures" toy line product-titles - no description was revealed though):
1. Theo Seemingly the main character, and it would be interesting to see h…

Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks: ThomasNATION Review (by SunilFan48 and Team)

#ThomasNATION member, Chris (SunilFan48) takes the pen as he shares with us his thoughts on the new episode of Season 20, "Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks!"

Hello everyone, Chris back again, and today I will be reviewing the Season 20 episode “Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks” written by Lee Pressman. 

A pretty fandom-divided episode if you ask me. Some enjoyed the cast of characters and the humour. Others say it was too bizarre and the plot was all over the place. Well, right now I am going to give my (personal) thoughts on said episode.

Personally, I thought this episode was very enjoyable. I loved the humour between Topham and Dowager as well as the deal with his “safari” hat. Plus, as stated above I enjoyed the wide range of characters. Toby, Henrietta, Whiff, Belle and Flynn all got used. 

Lee Pressman has had a habit of little variation of cast in the past, but I’m glad to see he has started to expand in Season 20. Also the clever use of the details of white item reflecting…

All In Vain: ThomasNATION Review (by ThomasFan3000 and Team)

Oh, finally a new post! I've been busy preparing the quiz, but here's the new episode review! By ThomasFan3000.

"All In Vain." It seems not wrong to say that this batch of episodes - "All In Vain" and "Buckled Tracks & Bumpy Trucks" got overshadowed by the last three episodes, whose excitement is hard to keep quiet. But, anyways, the episodes have come! And while the counterpart of this broadcast is a bit dull in my opinion, "All In Vain" stands to be an almost-perfect story! Let's get on with the review:

James is a wowza engine, with that air of pride, awesomeness around him - a character you'll instantly fall in love with. He's got that packed charm, and that "perfect and awesome" air around him... He feels lovely, and every time he comes on screen, it mostly proves to be a good story. 

Helen Farrall, the writer who wrote masterpieces - the likes of "Henry Gets The Express", "Lost Property," &…