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Piracy In Thomas (by ThomasFan3000)

Here, I select a topic which everyone acknowledges, but people rarely speak about. Its sort of taboo to touch, and at the same time, very common around every franchise. Here's my take on "Piracy In Thomas" - where I try to lay out all the facts, but the conclusion is upon you. 

Full Declaration: This article is not against anyone who uploads episodes on any platforms. This is merely meant for information and knowledge, and is not against anyone, not targeted at any particular person. The views below are purely my own and no-one else’s.

Is it alarming for the team that a whole special gets uploaded in its m4v (iTunes) format in three hours of being released? Is it alarming for the team that YouTube is no less than filled with full HD recordings of episodes after only two hours of their original airing? Probably not… It is basic knowledge that Thomas & Friends isn’t the only show that suffers this. It can be music, apps, movies - released in the cinemas even, that show u…

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Skiff & The Mermaid: ThomasNATION Review (by Lana and Team)

ThomasNATION member, Lana M. N. takes the pen for the review of the last (air-order) episode of Season 20, "Skiff & The Mermaid." Written by the talented Helen Farrall, let's see how the episode goes out...

Hi! I’m Lana Naoum and this is my first review on ThomasNATION. I’m here to review "Skiff and the Mermaid". Personally, this episode has made me laugh much more than it should and that’s saying something as the other episodes, I gave a low rating for.

We begin with the narrator introducing Skiff, we see him do his tasks as the narrator describes, for example the rail boat tours for the tourists. Skiff overhears Sir Topham and the museum owner talking about a mermaid coming to Sodor. He then says this piece of news to Duck who doesn’t believe him.

During the day, he looks out to the sea waiting for the mermaid to come. Toad and Oliver come and they tell him Toad’s story about how he saw a whale stranded on the beach. The next day, he keeps on waiting, eventu…

Hugo & The Airship: ThomasNATION Review (by MrOliver and Team)

Hello, MrOliver! Ollie takes the pen to write one of the last two review of Season 20, "Hugo & The Airship." Most agree that the episode was not good at all... What does MrOliver think? Read:

Hey guys, its MrOliver here to review "Hugo & The Airship!" Let's begin...

So here we are with Part 2 of the generic “meet this season’s new Character” Episodes; the first being "Engine of the Future."

"Hugo & The Airship" is based around the New Engine - Hugo wanting to fly after getting the Idea from the other Engines who mistake a blimp in the sky for him. 

The Episode is pretty Average. We start off with a recap on who Hugo is; The music used in this Opening scene is amazing, Chris Renshaw has proven himself with so many great tracks this season - This mixed with the great Direction and animation starts the Episode off on a high point. 

We then go to The Fat Controller at Knapford - showing Hugo off to the Railway board who are wary of Hugo d…

Useful Railway: ThomasNATION Review (by JF the LOLZOR and Team)

For the last original Railway Series adaptation in Season 20, JFtheLOLZOR writes a marvellous review for "Useful Railway!" - written by Andrew Brenner; original story: Rev W Awdry. There's also a little surprise for you at the end...

Hey guys, Jack L. Frefigs behind the wheel again. And boy have we got an episode for you! Useful Railway is part 3 of the Small Engines arc. And out of all of them, this one deserves the best mentioning. I mean, what do I even have to say? It's a really good episode. In fact, it might just be the best episode the season had to offer. To be fair, it might actually be better than Rusty to the Rescue. But with that out the way, shall we begin?

The plot is that the passengers are all referring to the miniature engines as "cute", getting on Mike's nerves. You know what they say, never overlook a little engine! That night, Rex is trusted with taking wool to make clothes, but the next day, one of the deliveries is late. Why? Because…

Engine of the Future: ThomasNATION Review (by ThomasFan3000 and Team)

For the review of one of the concluding episodes of a marvellous Season 20, ThomasFan3000 takes the pen to write the review of "The Engine of the Future," Hugo's debut episode, on ThomasNATION.

Hey, guys! This is ThomasFan3000, here again to review Hugo's debut episode, "The Engine of the Future." This is nothing if not a controversial episode, completely fandom divided. While many appreciate its simplicity and moral, others think its far too dull, and doesn't match the par quality of the season.
So, what do I think of it? It appears I have taken the episode positively. Most of the episodes this season - even when they appear to be bad - I've taken positively, with the exceptions of the five of "Skiff's Mermaid" (even with its appealing humour), "The Missing Breakdown Train", "Hugo And The Airship" and even "Henry In The Dark" [which I liked, but also didn't] and "Mike's Whistle" to an exte…