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The Lego Batman Movie: ThomasNATION Review (by JFtheLOLZOR)

Its been forever and a half since we've seen new Thomas, it'll soon be two months since the last season ended. So, Jack took to the cinema (no, Journey Beyond Sodor comes around in the fall) to watch The Lego Batman Movie. Read on for his review...

Spoiler Free.

Welcome to ThomasNATION, bad guys. Jack Frefigs here behind the wheel again. You might remember my Trolls review a while ago, but I'm doing another! I know this is ThomasNATION, but, as I said, we don't watch only Thomas and Friends. Oh, did I mention this was spoiler free?

Watch The Lego Batman Movie... through a Thomas Fan's mind: We all remember the Lego Movie's incarnation of Batman. His persona, his humor, and his voice. He was by far the greatest character in the movie besides Unikitty and Benny. But what if he got a movie of his very own? Three years later, we got one. The Lego Batman Movie is the first Lego Movie of the year (the second being The Lego Ninjago Movie), and it's the first good Bat…

Watch The Season 20 Awards Now!

Ah, dusting off the blog! I'd almost forgotten my password! With the Season 20 over, and no much news on the 2017 special, "Journey Beyond Sodor" nor on the upcoming season (21) - its been quite boring, lately.

But what about Season 20? It was certainly a marvelous season, one of the best of the show. Certainly the top Arc Season for me, [closely followed by Season 18.] So, to shake off some of the boredom, we went ahead and made this thing called, "Season 20 Awards."

I mean, certainly, being ThomasNATION, we were going to rate the best of Season 20 - in various ways like Best Animation or Story or Moral... So, I thought why not make it more interesting - why not make it an award show? I know its strange, peculiar - but the sole purpose of it was to make the Season 20 Stats a bit more interesting.

We assembled a jury of seventeen people, whom ThomasNATION is very thankful to, indeed. The TTTE Wikia also supported us on this venture, which we are very thankful …