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21 Times the Brenner Team Aced an Episode (by ThomasFan3000)

It almost feels strange to be writing this - after such a long time, I'm back on this familiar blog post page. "Posting as ThomasNATION." With the series on break, there's hardly any reviews or things to write about. The last major development was the Journey Beyond Sodor Trailer (To read post, click here.) There's mainly nothing else that's been happening (for continuous updates, follow us on Twitter!) and we haven't posted in quite a while.

But, since we *might* be getting season 21 soon, [Almost all the new seasons in the last four years have started in June-July-August], here's 21 times the Brenner Team nailed an episode to the core!

Arguably the most excellent team of writers for Thomas, the Brenner Team has given us some exceptional episodes. Brilliant plots, outstanding character personas - most of their episodes have been fantastic. True, they have had their downs (cough, "Steamie Stafford" cough) but some of their episodes have made i…