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WHAT IS HAPPENING? Revamp? Spin-Off? S21? - Laying Down All The Facts about "Big World! Big Adventures!"

New posts have thrown the fandom into confusion as something called "Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures!" emerges, July 25th - firstly from a kids TV website called Worldscreen. 

ThomasNATION lays down all the facts we have - let's break it down!

14th October 2017 is set as the date of the debut of this series / season. It all began with a Worldscreen post that declared a series called "Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures!" It was clear that a French media company called "MIP" will be debuting this content on their pre-school platform, "MIPJunior" in October. 

Revealed at a huge French media festival in Cannes, - hosted by MIP, Mattel Junior's new series is all about making "Thomas & Friends content more entertaining, inclusive, meaningful and global, whilst ensuring all the favourite characters and storylines that fans around the world love remain at the heart of the action." as quoted by Mattel’s Chi…

Captain Underpants: ThomasNATION Review (by JF the LOLZOR)

Here's another film review. This time its DreamWorks' "Captain Underpants." JFtheLOLZOR shares his story of another special book series he has an intimate connection with - just like all us Thomas Fans do with RWS. Read his Captain Underpants review:

Hey hey, Jack Frefigs back at it again! A while back I done reviews on Trolls and The Lego Batman Movie. So, what the hey; one more can't hurt. 

Today, it's Captain Underpants' turn to get reviewed with his all new animated feature. This movie is the latest film from the lovely lads at DreamWorks Animation, based off Dav Pilkey's phenomenal books. You may be wondering about my views on their previous film this year, The Boss Baby. Well, it's nothing special, but still okay. Sure, the writing is workshopped and kinda predictable, but to its credit, it can be witty thanks to Alec Baldwin, the animation is nice, the heart is in the right place and Hans Zimmer's score is the highlight of the film. 

Now w…